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Welcome to Rainy Days Rabbitry

ARBA registered rabbitry in central Oklahoma focusing on show quality red Satins and developing the Avante-Garde Reza line.

Our red Satin line comes from Tim Kingsbury out of Michigan and they did well at the National All Satin Show in Fort Worth, TX 2021. We hope to do right by his line and continually work to better the breed, only show quality stock that has already been on the table will be available in the future. 

For the Avant-garde Reza Breeding Project my focus is on a commercial body type with great depth and width of loin, as well as fullness to the table. The fur texture of this breed will be displaying the shine of the Satin gene, the softness of the Rex gene and the curls from the Wave gene. In literature the homozygous pairing of the waved gene in addition to the Rex gene produces the Astrex coat, however we are not working on the "Astrex breed". This is a curly coated offshoot of the Reza, which is Satinized Rex. Reza should have a commercial body type as it is primarily the mixture of the Rex and Satin breed.

If you are interested in getting a rabbit from us please send us a private message, we do not sell to just anyone so there will be a few hoops you’ll have to jump through before we will allow one of our rabbits to go home with you. We put a lot of care and time into them, making sure they have a good life.

We currently have a waiting list for both the Satins and the Avante-Garde Reza so if you are truly interested in one of our rabbits understand it may be awhile before one becomes available.


I would like to stress that we will ALWAYS take our rabbits back, no questions asked, at any time. They came from us and they will forever be our responsibility.

While we may be working towards a COD in the future, at this time the Avante-Garde Reza line is in it's infancy.

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